Web Developer and Designer


I'm a web developer and designer with 5+ years professional experience in the field.
I'm focused on building quality websites (including online shops and landing pages) for small and medium size businesses that want to sell well and stand out in the market.

I am available to build you a new website from scratch or to improve and do maintenance work in your current website.

My areas of expertise include:
- WordPress, MODX, Prestashop, Shopify.
- HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript.
- SQL databases.
- Integration of APIs, data feeds etc.
- Hosting, server and email accounts management.
- Bespoke web design.

I usually work directly with the companies but I'm also up for collaborations with marketing agencies.

I'm currently based in Montreal, Canada but I work with clients from all the world.

Feel free to write to me and we'll figure out if I'm a right match for your project.

For more information and the contact details please visit my website:

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Feb 19, 2020