Embedded Systems Consultancy & Firmware Development

I provide Embedded Systems Consultancy & Firmware Development services on a contract basis through my company, Antronics Ltd.

Some examples of past projects are shown here: http://www.antronics.co.uk/portfolio

In summary:
  • Over 25 years real-time embedded 'C' experience with a wide range of microcontrollers from 4-bit to 32-bit including 8051, AVR, and ARM Cortex-M covering the full lifecycle from analysis & design through coding to debug & test and ongoing support.
  • Good understanding of analogue & digital electronic systems with the ability to read datasheets & schematics, understand board level designs, use test equipment, solder, etc.
  • Experience with wireless/radio technologies: Cellular; GSM; GPRS; GPS; Bluetooth; IEEE 802.15.4; WiFi; RFID; LoRa
  • Experience with comms protocols: SPI; I2C; 1-Wire; RS232/ UART; TCP/UDP/IP
  • Experience with a range of development environments including Keil, Atmel Studio, Eclipse, Segger Studio, and debugging with ICE, JTAG, SWD, etc.
  • Experience with Prototypes, Demonstrations, Proofs-of-Concept - as well as "production" projects.
  • Experience of simple PC application development using Delphi, C++ Builder, Python, and Windows Forms for testing, configuring, and exercising embedded systems during development – including automatic control of test equipment using VISA, SCPI, etc;
    For example: http://www.antronics.co.uk/downloads/comled.htm

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Jan 29, 2020