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  1. Nero

    Get your own!

    Here's an example: Step 1 - Click your username in the top-right, and then navigate to "Vanity URL". Step 2 - Enter your desired username and click "Save". And done! You can now access (or share) your FreelanceGem profile using your custom profile URL!
  2. Nero

    How to Promote Yourself on FreelanceGem

    Hello! Here's a quick step-by-step guide on how to promote and advertise yourself on FreelanceGem. Step 1 - From the homepage, click the "New Thread" button. Step 2 - Click the "For Hire & Hiring" button. Step 3 - Add in your details! Thread Title: Give your post a catchy title...
  3. Nero

    You can "bump" your thread every 24 hours!

    If you've noticed that your promotion thread has fallen to the bottom, you can "bump" it back to the top. Bumping is allowed every 24 hours (it's built-in automatically). How to bump it? Simply reply to your own thread using the word "Bump" and done!
  4. Nero

    Win a $20 Amazon Gift Card by Promoting Yourself!

    As part of our early launch, we're giving away a $20 Amazon gift card to 3 lucky winners. This contest is only open to the first 100 people who sign up and promote themselves on FreelanceGem. How it works is simple: 1) Create a thread promoting yourself in this section of the site by...
  5. Nero

    How to Set a Custom Cover Photo for Your Profile

    Hello! This is a simple step-by-step guide showing you to easily edit your custom FreelanceGem profile cover photo. Step 1 - Click your username in the top-right area. Step 2 - Once the dropdown menu appears, click your username. This will take you to your FreelanceGem profile page...
  6. Nero

    FreelanceGem Terms of Service

    A link to the FreelanceGem Terms of Service can be found below: